2016: The Czech Economy so far..

Numbers relating to the Czech Republic’s economy is giving a clearer image of how 2016 is going economically for the country. Employment is at its lowest since January 2009- 415,000 is the current amount of unemployed. This is down by 28,000 to the previous month and nearly 80,000 lower than 2015’s figures.

The fall can be attributed to seasonal work but also due to manufacturing companies hiring staggering amounts of new staff. This is partly due to falters in the manufacturing industry meeting their orders. The latest figures for March show an increase of 3.6% overall compared to the previous year, however while some areas are excelling, others are flailing. Chemical production for example, fell by 18.1% and metal manufacture decreased by 7.2%

It has been mentioned that there is a lack of skilled technicians in the Czech Republic which many politicians are looking to change. The confederation has been leaning on companies to be more proactive in hiring foreigners to fill in these gaps.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reinforced the number of officials in Lvov and Kiev dealing with these passport and visa issues, but we are talking here about one, two, three or four thousand people and we need 20,000. So whatever happens with this pilot project for higher qualified workers, we have so far not even got 500 so far. And we need thousands of less skilled workers as well in various sectors of industry.”

Jaroslav Hanák- President of the Confederation of Industry.

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