Czechia- The New Czech Republic

The change of name stems from a Latin word first used in 17th Century and has been in circulation since 1993 by other countries as a noun for the country, but not used publicly as a term for the country by English speakers. It has been considered as a more ‘friendly’ and less formalised name as the current by officials but has been met controversial opinion ranging from positive to negative.

The decision has yet to be approved by the cabinet and the UN, and after the initial change from Czechoslovakia to the Czech Republic, now to Czechia there may be confusion surrounding the name, particularly as there is still a large portion worldwide that refers to the country as Czechoslovakia despite the split over 20 years ago.

There are several reasons why the change could cause problems other than confusion, the cost of changing a country’s name can be staggering. It has been reported already that $40 million has been invested into a new tourism campaign built around the name. Not only that, the Czech Ministry for Regional Development advertised the country with the slogan ‘The Czech Republic- The Land of Stories’ since 2012 and have spent almost 1 billion crowns on this marketing campaign to bring in tourists. As a portion of this investment came from the European Union it may breach some terms of the agreement by now replacing the name.

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